Finished work and/or prints are copyright Jesse Burgardt, and may not be reproduced without the artist's permission. Likenesses may be used for the purpose of advertisement.

Art Experience:

Commissioned Portrait Artist, 20 years

Owner, Nolley Art House LLC

Board Member, Montgomery Museum of Art & History

Co-Chair, h'ARTS on Main, Art Festival

Board Member, Blacksburg Regional Art Association

Chair, New River Biennial, Art Exhibition 



B.S. Biology, University of Colorado Denver, 2015

A.S. Pre-Health, Red Rocks Community College, Honors, 2011

Vive Peru, Health and Education Missions, for the underserved areas of Peru, 2014

Undergraduate Prehealth Program, 2014

CREATE Health Scholars, 2012

BRAA Article: 




Tribe Youth Blog:

Photography by Teri H Hoover©

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