To Choose a Portrait:

It all begins by you choosing an image. (Working from reference photographs allows me to complete a portrait within a reasonable time-frame and to add details.)


When you pick a photograph, consider the characteristics, style, and hobbies of the person to be drawn. Also, does the image have narrative? Is it candid?


Was the photo professionally shot? If so, you need the photographer's permission before I use the photo. (Usually, they are completely fine with this, as the final product will be in personal use, not commercialized.)

If the image is clear, balanced in weight, shadows and lights, and color, and if you find yourself smiling when you look at it, it's probably a good one to have drawn/painted.




When pricing a commissioned piece, there are a number of things to consider. First, I will account for the number of individuals within each portrait/drawing. Then, the size, and complexity of the image will be figured into the amount of time it will take to complete the work. Also, changes to the cost include whether the drawing is going to be in black and white or color.

Finally, I've looked at the national average costs for a commissioned work, and other artist's work, which is similar to my work.

On average, I begin my price point at $200 per figure.

Please email me any time at, and we can look at pricing for your inquiry. Also, feel free to shoot a text 540-392-2231



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