"It is the greatest good for an individual to discuss virtue (areté) every day...for the unexamined life is not worth living." 

~ Socrates, from The Apology



In 1998, I began drawing portraits professionally, in the media of charcoals and soft pastels.


Throughout the last 20+ years, and over multiple dwelling places across the nation, I've completed thousands of drawings, including hundreds of commissioned pieces. These works range from conceptual images to classical portraiture.


During my studies, I earned an Associate of Science from Red Rocks Community College and a Baccalaureate of Science from the University of Colorado Denver. I participated in The Undergraduate Pre-health Program, CREATE Health Scholars Programs, VivePeru, and have exhibited in annual festivals and contemporary art galleries. In all this, my aim has been to make an impact through art, to glean insight and knowledge regarding fundamental practices that uphold well-being, and bring that understanding to my work for others.



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